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A funeral is a celebration without host. (Luis Ignacio Helguera)
Collaboration and simultaneously tribute to the text recited and written by Luis Ignacio Helguera (1962-2003). Images of the dawn after a drunk and sad celebration. Fiesta is part of the Urbe Probeta compilation, an encounter of poets with electronic musicians.


from Volk, released March 1, 2005




Vate Barcelona, Spain

Vate is a Mexican electronic music project.

Vate works with very different genres inside electronic music, among them are electro, ambient and sound experimentations.

His remixes and collaborations include artists and groups such as MATIC, 33Canales, Art-Mirall, Discos Konfort, Manuel Neztic, Binaria, Filtro, Nortec Collective (Fussible), Deus ex Machina, and Minuit de Lacroix.
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