El Pecado Mainstream

from by Vate



Drum n' Bass radiofónico. Voces tomadas de la gran corriente. Órdenes sutilmente disfrazadas de sugerencias: " Es muy importante que ustedes de jalen para acá con nosotros", "Está en todas partes". ¿De que forma se puede estar en la gran corriente sin pervertirse?


from V1​.​0 + Intercortes, released May 1, 2000




Vate Barcelona, Spain

Vate is a Mexican electronic music project.

Vate works with very different genres inside electronic music, among them are electro, ambient and sound experimentations.

His remixes and collaborations include artists and groups such as MATIC, 33Canales, Art-Mirall, Discos Konfort, Manuel Neztic, Binaria, Filtro, Nortec Collective (Fussible), Deus ex Machina, and Minuit de Lacroix.
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